May 5, 2016

T-Shirt Design

I designed my first t-shirt for a new website that I think a lot of people should check out -- especially given how important security, and privacy is these days. C.A.G.E ( )

It's actually more of a prototype, but is getting a single printing to check quality, and to get out into the world to see if demand becomes a thing. I already have ideas on what I'd do to modify it, but I'm leaving some creative control on the table for the site.

Do check out the site though! It's got beginner to advanced level methods that can be used to be more secure.

Jul 20, 2015

Being grumpy builds quite the thirst.

Continuing to have fun with Stephanie Graegin's ( characters from her piece over here:

Jun 7, 2015

Off The Wagon fursonas

Friends and I enjoy a drink at Off The Wagon, and after learning what all our fursonas would be...