I see you're using an adblocker...

Since learning about ad blocking extensions years ago, I’ve spent years making it a must install item when switching browsers or setting up new PCs. Occasionally having an internal struggle about whether it’s fair to use. I’ve tried whitelisting some sites, and leaving others blocked, but that always ended up feeling like a lot of work, especially if I never backed up the list to carry over to new machines or installations. It’s always felt like an all-in or nothing situation.

I recently tried to live without it because I thought I’d be doing right by the sites I enjoy visiting, but as it’s been covered many times before, allowing ads to show up on sites is a battery and memory drain on the system. Not to mention the visual toll when scrolling.

Brave Browser’s idea of being able to pay out to sites is a noble effort, but then as a user you lose the convenience of the things using Chrome or Firefox brings.

As it stands right now, I have reinstalled ublock Origin, and may make more of an effort to whitelist, and backup said list. But the internet has a lot of tinkering to do with how advertising works. Perhaps it’s more a case of site owners tastefully designing to locations of ads on a page. Minimal placement I can deal with. Full page backgrounds, as well as sidebars, and in between text is outrageous.